A creative who gets your brand and your market

The healthcare IT industry is quite a complex and is very niche. As a healthcare IT company, our objective is to ensure that doctors get immediate fully processed responses for their claims from medical aids and get paid timeously for the service they provide. We always strive to get the attention of healthcare practitioners and practice administrators who are always busy and hardly have time. This means our marketing and communication campaigns have to be compelling, given the short window that we get in the practices. With this in mind, Charmaine took the time to understand our brand, our positioning and the market we serve. This put her in good stead in interpreting our brand and developing creative concepts to deliver relevant messages. Not only does she do design work for us, she also adds immense value through her interrogative nature that highlights areas that we might have skipped in the briefing session. It’s a great feeling having a creative who gets your brand and your market!!!!!